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Have you ever noticed that as our children become older they start spending less and less time with us and more and more with their phone? (Nowadays, this age group is getting younger and younger!)

The kid who wouldn't let us go to the bathroom, in peace, is now embarrassed when we walk in on their "digital" conversations with their friends.

It's all OK but we are parents - we have bigger things to worry about. We don't want them to tell us everything that is happening in their lives (maybe we do, but they won't, and we have to pick our battles carefully) but we definitely want them to come to us if they ever need help, advice, or talk about something big (like being in or out of a relationship, sex, drugs).

We don't want them taking advice from their friends (they are all just as clueless as each other).

Sometimes all we get, from our "I am a grown-up, mum!" kids is a grunt that sounds vaguely like "yeah". (Be grateful I grunted at you dad!)

So, what can we do as a parent?

We can't force them to "talk" to us.

First, we need to understand, they are scared and they need support.

They just don't know how to ask because their brain is not fully developed, yet. And when they don't know how to ask, they become moody and temperamental. All it means is just they don't know how to express themselves and are scared. (It doesn't feel like it though, right?)

So, how about we make "expressing, talking, and asking for help" a little easy for them? That's what we do! We are here to show them the way.

So if you are thinking - where do I even begin?

This is where I come in!

In this 9-page document, I will take you step-by-step through an EASY process (it takes less than 10 minutes of your time) that will help take your relationship with your child to another level.

No more worrying about how to have those "difficult" conversations, or is my child is mixing with the wrong crowd, or what if it's too late to help them... etc.

Give it a try [be a little persistent because they might resist in the beginning (that's what kids do - if mum and dad ask, it's so NOT COOL), but trust me, it works!]. A lot of people have tried this with brilliant results.

It's FREE! You have nothing to lose and your child's trust to gain.

I have also added some absolutely amazing and opening questions you can start off with to get your conversations moving in the right direction!

It's simple, it's new, it's unique, and best of all - it's fun!

And if you were wondering why I want you to try this process, this is what prompted me to share this with everyone:

My daughter was like any normal teenager (grunting, eye rolling - you name it). Then she got bullied (I mean bullied by someone who was supposed to be her good friend), and she started to become even more moody, retreated in her own shell, and very angry at home.

I knew something big was happening in her life, but I didn't know how to broach the subject without making it look like I was trying to take over her life and tell her what to do. (When was the last time I did something someone else told me to do? I knew that approach was never going to work) and then, I discovered this amazing process (thanks to Josh Shipp of Youth Speaker University) and things changed!

This process has helped me

1. connect with my daughter on a deeper level. Instead of hiding from me or lying to me, she felt safe to share what was going on in her life and asked for my advice rather than shut down.

2. have those difficult conversations about grief, loss, sex, alcohol, drugs, bullying, with her easily. We both understand where each of us are coming from and are willing to talk things through.

3. create a loving relationship with my teen daughter based on mutual love and respect for each other. Our relationship has never been better.

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