Your MISSION is to give yourself and your children the life you deserve. Agreed?

Now imagine UNINTENTIONALLY doing the opposite.

Imagine a life witnessing the burdens of your past WEIGHING ON YOUR CHILDREN.

This happens all the time.

It happened to me.

And it’s something I wouldn’t wish on ANY mother.

Hello, I’m Prash!

Back in the day, when I decided to call it quits on my 10-year marriage, meaning, when I decided to prioritise myself - my world fell apart, and I was overwhelmed with guilt.

Single parent. Constantly sofa-surfing. ZERO self-esteem and ZERO self-worth.

It got so bad, that my daughter began experiencing panic attacks, triggered by the lingering effects of MY depression, eventually leading to a diagnosis of a nervous breakdown caused by heightened anxiety.



Happy Prash and her daughter sitting in a car in Halloween costume, walking on the street holding hands, and in a pizza and garlic bread themed blankets
Prash and her daughter hugging after healing from trauma

Sadly, that’s what it took for me to realise that just leaving the relationship wasn’t enough.

I needed to break the cycle, heal my heart - and hers - and make us whole again.

Of course, a decade ago, there were no tailored programs on the market for heartbroken women like me, who needed to heal from the inside out to be able to truly take part in life fully, again.

So, I built it, from the ground up.

It took years, but the results speak for themselves:

"WOW, Prash changed my life - she is a PHENOMENAL specialist in healing. I felt like I was trapped inside a glass box, banging on the ceiling for someone to let me out… I can’t even tell you the difference this journey has made to my life. I’m a better mother and friend. I finally feel like the realest, truest, best version of myself."


"Prash is the most empathic coach and advisor. She knows when to encourage and gently nudge… and when to listen and share virtual hugs. Her subject matter expertise are invaluable when trying to sort through what feels like high-stakes and complicated matters."


"She helped me connect with my inner-self and heal the most important areas of my life and enabled me to move forward from my past relationship… So many great tools and amazing exercises on how to redesign your life. It was so easy to fit into my busy schedule and Prash’s calm energy helped too."


"This course is laid out in a way that I can do the lessons even with my super busy schedule. I love Prash's soothing voice and how she has the knack of making complex topics so simple and easy to understand. Everything Prash teaches come from her experience. and this makes the course and the lessons really relatable."


"After a session with Prash, it felt like a huge burden was lifted off from my chest. Prash helped me heal and gave me everyday tools to strengthen my energy body. The session was like looking into a mirror for me. Prash knew me better than myself. It left a positive impact on me."


"I was so lucky to be able do Prash's course when she launched the beta version. She has a really soft approach and I love the way she nurtures and guides you through the process. The meditation in Module 1 is incredibly powerful and not one I have come across before. Prash has a very calming voice and is so soothing to listen to."


The question is....


I know you’re feeling angry (with yourself), exhausted, and lost. You feel like you failed. I did too!

But what if tell you, that today YOUR ONLY MISSION - should you choose to accept it - is to take the first step to give yourself and your children the life you deserve?

And join THE MOTHERHOOD COMPASS, the LIVE 12-week program I’ve been perfecting over the years to help heartbroken women like you:

  • Release past pain, hurt and trauma.
  • Ditch the (relentless) negative self-talk.
  • Clear the limiting beliefs holding you back in life.
  • Get a more practical solutions-based lens to equip you to deal with the bumps in the road.
  • Rediscover your self-esteem, resilience and confidence.

And ultimately, rebuild your future and overcome your fears.

Speaking of fears...

...don’t you worry about the price!

I’ve been where you are and I’ve got you, lovely.

You can join the program today and start turning your life around for as little as £500

What's inside the Program?

A system to turn your struggles into strengths and to transform your life, fast.

8 Solutions to 8 problems in 12 weeks.

Problem #1

That nagging voice inside you, constantly criticising and holding you back.

Solution: I’ll arm you with an ancient, scientifically-backed tool to silence the critic, boost your confidence, and make you unstoppable.

Problem #2

Self-imposed limitations holding you back from reaching your full potential.

Solution: We’ll clear Limiting Beliefs with a quantum healing technique that expands your horizons and sets you on a path to be your best version.

Problem #3

Dreaming big but hitting walls instead of making progress.

Solution: You’ll learn how to harness the "Power of Your Intention" to smash through barriers, align your life with your deepest desires, and create the life of your dreams.

Problem #4

Elusive happiness and peace, making life feel like an unsolvable puzzle.

Solution: You’ll unlock the secret to joy and contentment, turning every challenge into an opportunity.

Problem #5

Snap decisions that lead to regret instead of resolution.

Solution: You’ll master the art of thoughtful decision-making, finding hope in despair, and action in paralysis.

Problem #6

Searching for fulfillment in all the wrong places.

Solution: I'll guide you to realign your search with what truly matters, personalising your journey towards genuine happiness.

Problem #7

Fear of what the future might hold, leaving you feeling vulnerable.

Solution: You’ll equip yourself with strategies and a resilient mindset to gracefully navigate life's uncertainties, ensuring your success and wellbeing.

Problem #8

Knowledge is nothing without application.

Solution: We’ll celebrate a Hot seating + Q&A session every third week to practice, personalise, and perfect your new skills, ensuring you're ready to face anything.

See What Others Are Saying

"Prash showed great experience and intuition throughout the session. She put me at ease and demonstrated her knowledge and empathy towards me and my situation.

The demonstration of her knowledge allowed me to put trust in her and for me to feel safe to feel all my emotions without judgment.

Prash explained clearly at every step of the way what was happening, what I needed to do and what to expect.

She was very attentive, never feeling rushed and her sole attention was always given to me."


"This is an interesting program on Trauma - an eye opener to know that the struggles we face can be a result of trauma we might have experienced during our lives

Although it’s focus is on childhood trauma, the message also relates to any trauma that an individual may have experienced at any time.

You gain an understanding of what trauma is.

You learn the impact of how this may effect you in your adulthood. You get an opportunity to heal and what this may look like"


"When I was trying to recover from my breakup, I tried everything but couldn't seem to move forward.

Little did I know I was trying to heal the symptom and not the cause. I had heard Prash talk about the tools that helped transform her life. So, I reached out to her for help.

After completing her program, my life changed - I became confident, and felt more at peace. Healing from my past is something I cannot express in words. It was just incredible.

My past no longer has a grip over me, I am happy with the love of my life."



What's inside the trauma healing handbook given as a bonus

My hand-picked life-changing clearing and download statements

A guidebook of more than 300 done for you statements designed to fast track your success with ease and grace, clearing potholes, blocks and traps and accelerating your journey to fulfilment.

These are the statements I personally used to transform my life hand-in-hand with Modules 3 and 4.

5 Guided Meditation Audios

Created especially for women who rarely have time for themselves, these Guided Meditations will bring you calm from within. Covering: abundance, calm, cord-cutting,

creative visualisation, and grounding

In a world full of chaos, and a life that is pulling you in a million different directions at once, use these to bring you the calm from within.

Meditations to soothe your soul visual
Course platform outline for the mini-course for trauma survivors

My Mindset, Manifesting, & Money Mini-Course

My Mindset, Manifesting, & Money Mini-Course

Being recently single brings a lot of stress and worry – let’s tackle the money fears so that you can build a strong financial foundation. This 3-part course nurtures your mind, helps you reframe your money mindset and helps you create a plan for success.

AND... pay in full and get


Your Personalised Human Design Chart Reading

Discover more about yourself and understand your life's purpose fully. Human design looks at the positions of the stars and planets when you were born, and determines your energy type, strategy, and how you make decisions. It's like a personalized instruction book that helps you know yourself better and make choices that align with who you truly are.

Helping You...

broken heart depicting childhood trauma

Unlock your full potential

lotus depicting thriving beyond trauma

Write a NEW chapter

a kick depicting kicking away people pleasing tendencies

Set healthy boundaries

mockup of beyond survial childhood trauma program

Let’s Recap.

You’re getting.

  • 8 x 90-minute LIVE group sessions (£1,999)
  • 4 x 60-minute Q&A and hot seats sessions (worth £999)
  • Private Facebook Group Support and Community (worth £777)
  • Downloadable Guidebooks, transcripts, and downloadable Audio/ Video Files for each session (worth £555)
  • 3 bonuses (worth £444)

You can start today from

as little as £500

testimonial from a previous client
testimonial from a previous client
testimonial from a previous client
testimonial from a previous client
testimonial from a previous client
testimonial from a previous client
testimonial from a previous client
testimonial from a previous client
testimonial from a previous client
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Prash in a green jumper, holding a glass of water, smiling at the camera after healing from her childhood trauma

Accept YOUR NEW MISSION TODAY and step into your power to create a safe and nurturing space where your CHILDREN CAN THRIVE.


This transformation is entirely possible.

It's the journey I and many of my clients have undertaken.

A gift I wish for EVERY mother.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take me to complete the program?

8 modules and 4 Q&A sessions delivered over a period of 12 weeks.

Once the LIVE sessions are done, you will only need to schedule 10 minutes per day to apply what you learn.

Implementation is the key to change!

Trust me, I understand how "time-strapped" you are. I am exactly like you. So, I've thought of it all.

We will work on a new module each week. This is to make sure you are not overwhelmed. These modules have also been placed strategically so that you can gain maximum benefit from them.

After the initial 12 weeks, once all the modules are available to you, you can repeat them as many times as you wish and apply the tools as and when needed.

I survived my childhood. Why should I invest in this programme?

Investing in Your Journey:

This program goes beyond short-term relief. It's an investment in your long-term well-being and growth. You'll gain valuable tools, strategies, and insights that will have a lasting impact on your future relationships, self-awareness, and emotional strength.

The program equips you to handle future challenges with more confidence and make informed choices. This leads to healthier, more fulfilling relationships and continuous personal development.

Structured Support and Guidance:

This program provides a clear framework to navigate your emotions, gain clarity, and move forward in a healthier, more empowered way. Benefit from expert guidance (that's me!) to save time, avoid common roadblocks, and have a supportive presence throughout your journey.

Building a Supportive Network:

Connect with a community of like-minded individuals who understand your experiences. This offers valuable validation, diverse perspectives, and the potential for new friendships that can contribute to your healing and growth.

Curated Resources for Long-Term Change:

By joining the Motherhood Compass, you gain access to a collection of resources specifically tailored to your challenges. This allows you to explore self-reflection, self-care, and personal transformation in a deeper way.

Who will answer questions and help me if I get stuck outside the program?

You will have direct access to me via private Facebook Group (Business Hours) and you will also be surrounded by a supportive community of women who are doing this course with you.

I will be available to answer all your questions and help anyone who feels stuck.

And don't forget you can always email your questions to:

You are never alone in this program.

This program offers built-in accountability and motivation.

By committing to a program, you establish a sense of responsibility and commitment to your healing journey. The program provides regular check-ins, assignments, and milestones, keeping you motivated and accountable for your progress.

You also access to a supportive community of individuals going through similar experiences. This community can provide invaluable support, empathy, and a sense of belonging. Engaging with others who understand your struggles can be incredibly comforting and empowering, creating a network of like-minded individuals who can support each other through the healing process.

How do I access the content?

Once you purchase the program, you will receive a welcome email with all the details and the link and times for the Zoom meetings.

This is a 12-week LIVE group program. But if you can’t make it LIVE, because let’s face it, life has a way of getting in the way, right? You will be able to access the recordings in the member’s portal within 24-hours and ask any questions in the private Facebook group.

All the contents, bonuses, plus everything else will all be in the members portal - all in one place.

You will receive your portal access after the first session is complete.

I’ve had therapy and tried other programs before, and that didn’t work - how is this different?

I understand that you may have tried therapy and other programs in the past without achieving the desired results. Allow me to explain how this recovery program sets itself apart:

1. Tailored Approach: This program caters specifically to the challenges of overcoming difficult childhood experiences. It focuses on addressing the unique challenges, emotions, and dynamics associated with it. Unlike generic therapies or programs, it hones in on the intricacies of healing, offering specialised guidance and strategies tailored to your needs.

2. Holistic Healing: This program goes beyond just addressing surface-level symptoms. It takes a holistic approach that encompasses emotional, mental, and practical aspects of healing. It delves deep into the core issues, helping you process your emotions, build resilience, and develop healthy coping mechanisms. This comprehensive approach ensures a more profound and lasting transformation.

3. Proven Strategies: This program is built on proven strategies and techniques that have helped numerous individuals successfully heal and move forward. It draws from a wealth of knowledge and expertise, combining evidence-based practices with real-life insights. The program provides you with practical tools and exercises that have been refined and validated through experience, increasing the likelihood of achieving positive outcomes.

4. Structured Support: Unlike traditional therapy, this program offers a structured framework to guide you through the healing process. It provides a step-by-step approach, ensuring that you cover all essential aspects of recovery in a systematic manner. This structure helps you stay focused, motivated, and on track, preventing you from feeling overwhelmed or directionless.

5. Community and Connection: Engaging in this program often grants you access to a supportive community of individuals who are going through similar experiences. This community offers a safe space for sharing, empathising, and gaining support from others who truly understand what you're going through. The sense of connection and camaraderie can be immensely uplifting and encouraging throughout your healing journey.

Satfisfaction Guarantee Logo

My Guarantee

I am fully committed to providing you with exceptional care and support on your journey to freedom.

I’m so confident that you’ll see extraordinary results by the end of this programme, that to demonstrate my dedication to your success, here’s my guarantee:

If, after completing this group program, you feel that you haven’t made sufficient progress, I’ll offer you a complimentary space in the next cohort, to help get you to where you need to be.

To qualify for this guarantee, active engagement in the current program is essential. Complete the recommended exercises, assignments, and activities provided during the sessions.

Please note:

  • This guarantee is valid for a one-time use only and cannot be combined with any other offers or guarantees.
  • It’s a testament to my unwavering commitment to your success and a reassurance that I’ll be by your side every step of the way.
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Prash laughing

Ok, but who are you? And why should I listen to you?


Hi! I'm Prash and I am The Heartbreak Healer.

I personally cannot wait to guide you over these next 12 weeks...

Working on myself, using the H.E.A.A.L system, has literally transformed my life. I have been on this scientific-spiritual transformative journey for more than a decade now.

I’ve experienced first-hand what it feels like to transition from feeling lost, confused, and unworthy to feeling powerful, confident, and able to create and live the life of my dreams. I created my dream while helping my panic-ridden child overcome anxiety and nervous breakdown. Today, more than anything else, I want to share my learnings with you.

If you are in the same boat, you owe it to yourself to at least take a plunge to see what your life free from the impact of toxicity and pain looks like.

To experience first-hand the freedom, joy, and success it brings – and to take real, tangible steps to transforming your life and your kid(s) lives – forever! Should you choose to accept my invitation, I personally guarantee that these next 12 weeks will be completely and utterly life changing for you.

I look forward to meeting you and taking you step-by-step through the Motherhood Compass Program.