Helping recently single women become the love of their own lives.

Using my signature system H.E.A.A.L:

  • I help women to STOP carrying the blame, shame, & guilt of a broken relationship
  • I help them break repeating cycles of finding themselves in unhappy and compromising relationships.
  • I help them build better relationships with themselves and others

You are so much more than your broken relationship...

In a society that assumes breakup is just another word for failure, as a recently single woman, you end up feeling

  • dishonoured
  • humiliated
  • judged by everyone

I am here to tell you that a failed relationship doesn't make you a failure.

"Happily, Ever After" was a fantasy created 400 years ago. Unfortunately, our society still uses this outdated fantasy to make you feel like there is something wrong with you.

And I think it's about time that you called their BS!

My Signature System that helps me make a difference in your life:

The Ultimate Guide to Finding Freedom: Your Roadmap to Personal Liberation

A relationship is meant to complement you;

NOT complete you!

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