Our children can be the reason for our biggest heartbreaks.

What specific behaviours are you concerned about with your child?

  • Rapid changes in mood, including frequent mood swings, outbursts of anger, or sudden tearfulness.

  • Concerned about their looks, needing to look a certain way, or to be perfect.

  • Withdrawing from social situations or activities they previously enjoyed.

  • Unexplained aches, pains, or other physical complaints.

  • Having trouble focusing in school or other settings that require attention.

  • Having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep.

  • Engaging in harmful behaviours such as self-harm, substance abuse, or taking unnecessary risks.

I hear you - yes, the pain becomes unbearable when your kids suffer.

You watch them and feel so helpless, and think, "I'd do anything to stop this!"

And that is where I come in... with my unique blend of support for mothers facing the pain of their child's struggles.

"WOW, Prash completely changed my life - she is a PHENOMENAL specialist in healing. I felt like I was trapped inside a glass box, banging on the ceiling for someone to let me out… I can’t even tell you the difference this journey has made to my life. I’m a better mother and friend. I finally feel like the realest, truest, best version of myself.


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1:1 Support

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12 Week Programme

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Empowerment Hour

Discover Your

People Pleaser Archetype

Whay is your people pleaser archetype quiz design

Uncover your tendencies, set boundaries, and raise confident, thriving children.

Do you constantly put others' needs before your own? Feel drained by saying "yes" too often?

You might be a people pleaser!

But here's the thing: while you strive to keep everyone happy, your tendencies can unintentionally impact your kids.

This People Pleaser Archetype Quiz will help you take the first step towards healthier relationships, a happier and
a more confident you.

The quiz will highlight areas where you might struggle with boundaries, leading to mixed messages and inconsistency for your child.

Gain practical tips and strategies to establish healthy boundaries in all your relationships.

a man and a woman holding hands and looking happy after working on their relationship

Listen, beautiful

If you feel rudderless right now - like you've failed as a mother - you're not alone.

But I'm here to tell you that your past doesn't get to define you anymore - and it doesn't get to define your children's future.

It's time to ditch the mum-guilt, blame, and shame, and create a new narrative for yourself - and for your family.

It's time to forge a new path. One which brings you peace, ease, and joy. One which brings a new level of happiness you hadn't dared hope for.

It's your time. It's your turn.

And you're going to read this and feel like you manifested me.

Because it's my life's soul purpose to ease your burden and help you help your kids.

To enlighten and empower you.

To take you by your hand and show you how you can thrive.

I want to show you the path through the pain and confusion you're experiencing right now, because I know the freedom that lies on the other side - and it's yours, for the taking.

I've stood where you stand.

I know how the way you were raised, the issues you faced, and what happened to you has a huge impact on how you navigate your life, your emotions, the world – and how you raise your own children.

But you've landed here because it's time that you choose yourself.

It's time for you to transition from feeling lost, confused and a faliure as a parent to feeling powerful, confident, and capable.

To take your power back and stop allowing your past to define your children's future.

Prash with a big smile while telling you how she healed herself
Prash with a big smile inviting you to heal from your trauma

Join Me To Reclaim Your Power

The HEAAL Framework is my signature system and the backbone of everything I teach.

It includes a suite of tools and frameworks that help you to -

  • Ditch the mum-guilt, blame, and shame and create a warm and loving relationship with your children.

  • Create a different reality for your children, filled with the love and support you may or may not have received yourself.

  • Find freedom from negative thoughts and nurture a deeper sense of purpose, success and fulfilment.


The Motherhood Compass.

Embrace your authentic self, rewrite the parenting narrative, and create a legacy of love for your children.

See What Others

Are Saying

"She helped me connect with my inner-self and heal the most important areas of my life and enabled me to move forward from my past relationship…

So many great tools and amazing exercises on how to redesign your life. It was so easy to fit into my busy schedule and Prash’s calm energy helped too."

R, London

"Prash is the most empathic coach and advisor. She knows when to encourage and gently nudge… and when to listen and share virtual hugs.

Her subject matter expertise are invaluable when trying to sort through what feels like high-stakes and complicated matters.

100% recommend."


"I have worked with Prash on a 1-2-1 basis and found it to be an incredible experience.

Everything Prash teaches has come from her own experience and this makes the course and lessons really relatable. Prash understands exactly where you are in your journey and she gives you the tools that helped her in hers."


Free Resources

For You

3 people and a heart depicting healing via jounaling


This journal is a collection of 5 prompts meant to gently encourage soul-searching and nurture self-compassion.

It is your invitation towards self-discovery and healing.

arrow facing down depicting dowloadable guidebook


Learn 3 reasons why women carry the burden of abuse and childhood trauma so that you can break free from the chains of the past, and create a future filled with self-compassion, self-love, and self-worth.

arrow facing down depicting dowloadable guidebook

GUIDE for Parents

Looking to connect more deeply with your child?

This guide offers practical tips and strategies to nurture your relationship.

>> Improve communication

>> Spend quality time together

>> Build trust and understanding

It's never too late to strengthen your bond!

person relaxing on a sofa depicting mindfulness toolbox
60 Under 60

Your One Minute Mindfulness Toolbox packed with 60 easy practices, each taking no more than 60 secs that you can use when you are feeling overwhelmed, triggered, or stressed.